Easy Access to Finding ur Required Final Term Solved Paper.Updating,2014 ..!!

Easy Access to Finding ur Required

Final Term Solved Paper..



Dear Students,

           There are some Links of Final Term Past Papers which are collected for U to easy access.All papers are updating n nearly years like 2009 to 2013. 

 Some papers are prepared By VUhelp which have **Standard Collection** due to collected from All Over the Net and arrange in ONE FILE according to year series.

      In these links,all data are covered with Objective,Subjective & Helping Material.

Just click these links & getting Ur required subject Papers.If U do not find Ur required Subject here then Go to Ur related Group at Home Page & get Ur required Material. In case,finding any difficulty or trouble,consult the Moderators of VUhelp.

   Also request to all of U, share ur Current Papers to others, after u take it.


May Allah Succeed U in every Exams of Ur Life....

Good Luck & All the Best...!! 

Thanks & Regards,


To be a "Good professional",

always start to study late for "Exams".


it teaches how to manage

"Time" and tackle "Emergencies"

CS (Computer Science) Group:
1_CS001_Final Term Solved 


2_CS101_Final Term Solved
Standard Collection....All in one File Solved By VU Help...
3_CS201_Final Term Solved
Standard Collection....All in one File Solved By VU Help...
4_CS301_Final Term Solved
5_CS302_Final Term Solved
Helping Material
6_CS304_Final Term Solved
7_CS401_Final Term Solved 
8_CS402_Final Term Solved
9_CS403-Final Term Solved
10_CS408_Final Term Solved
11_CS410_Final Term Solved
12_CS501_Final Term Solved
13_CS502_Final Term Solved
14_CS504_Final Term Solved
15_CS506_Final Term Solved
16_CS507_Final Term Solved
17_CS601_Final Term Solved
 By Vuhelp..
18_CS602_Final Term Solved
19_CS604_Final Term Solved
20_CS605_Final Term Solved
21_CS607_Final Term Solved
22_CS609_Final Term Solved
23_CS610_Final Term Solved
24_CS614_Final Term Solved
25_CS615_Final Term Solved
 Prepared By VUhelp
26_CS619_Final Term Solved
MGT Group:
1_MGT101_Final Term Solved
2_MGT111_Final Term Solved
3_MGT201_Final Term Solved
4_MGT211_Final Term Solved
5_MGT301_Final Term Solved
6_MGT401_Final Term Solved
7_MGT402_Final Term Solved
9_MGT501_Final Term Solved
ECO401_Final Term Solved
By VUhelp
1_ECO402_Final Term Solved
2_ECO403_Final Term Solved
PHY Group:
1_PHY301_Final Term Solved
2_PHY101_Final Term Mega Solved
MTH Group:
 PAK Group:
1_PAK301_Final Term Solved
ENG Group:
1_ENG101_Final Term Solved
2_ENG201_Final Term Solved
By VUhelp
3_ENG301_Final Term Solved
ISL Group:
1_ISL201_Final Term Solved
STA Group:
1_STA301_Final Term Solved Mega Collection



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Welks to all...

Pls upload psychology 101,404,631,502 and STA 630.
I need it asap.

weldone sisooo

Thanks Bro..

updated in main ...


I hv updated these papers above...

Thank u so much 4 ur contribution..

Keep going..

dear, its file link u gave me..not pg link

wo pgs k links share karein jo ap papers upload kr chuki hein..some days ago..however, updating ki ja skay.

Asalam o alikum  

Please upload  MGT502 and MGT602 mega  File  

             Thankx in advance 


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